Axium Scientific offers on-site representation services to provide full-spectrum coverage of your precious metals assets.  We offer these services with and without our party analytical services.

Our team of experienced inspectors provide witnessing coverage at all major refineries in the US and Canada.

What is representation?  On-site representation (often referred to as inspection, supervision, witnessing, or simply “repping”) is the appointment of an inspector to be present during material processing at the refinery/production site.  In lieu of sending one of your own employees to witness these procedures, a third-party inspection company is often contracted to provide such witnessing.  With a distinguished company such as Axium Scientific, these representation services act to protect your interests and provide you with peace-of-mind.

Our in-depth industry knowledge enables thorough inspection and effective protection of:

  • Bullion, doré, and other high-grade metallics.
  • Jeweler’s sweeps, dental alloys, etc.
  • Mining ores and concentrates.
  • Slag, crucibles, carbon, sponge, sweeps, and other refinery byproducts.
  • E-scrap.
  • Spent and fresh catalysts: petroleum, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical.
  • Automotive catalysts.
  • Base metal scrap and much more.

Inspectors witness all steps of material processing, from verification of all initial weights to the end of sampling to provide peace-of-mind and ensure the process results in highly representative samples.  Or, if needed, we can tailor the scope of services to witness only the critical stages desired.  Our inspectors will seal all final samples for control/security purposes and dispatch the samples to our laboratory (or any laboratory of your choosing).

For spent petroleum catalyst reclamation, we offer coverage from receipt through the end of sampling, including supervision of the calcining process, should thermal treatment be necessary to remove volatiles from the catalyst material.  Our experienced inspectors will also ensure proper procedures are followed for Loss on Ignition (LOI) or Loss on Drying (LOD) analyses, which can have huge potential impact on final settlement weights for catalyst reclaims.

Axium offers highly competitive rates for representation along with impeccable industry-leading service provision.  We provide routine communication with our clients, to keep you updated regarding the status of your material as it progresses through the stages of processing.  Our customized inspection reports neatly organize all data and commentary regarding the complete process.

Our representation services offer peace-of-mind that the material is properly accounted for, handled, and processed to generate high quality samples for analysis.  Axium can also perform process audits at refineries.  Whether you are purchasing or selling precious metals assets, Axium’s representation services will facilitate a smooth trade with trustworthy data.